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Success in business today requires more than just the ability to price competitively. Every promotion you do must be designed to heat up interest in you and your products or services and make you stand out from your competition.

  • Does your advertising attract the attention you need?

  • Have you created a presence that ensures you are a go-to company?

  • What could you be doing to create valuable connections?

  • Piquant Productions applies years of successful business, corporate and creative management experience toward helping you spice up any area of business and personal communication — skills that will make you both more visible and attractive to potential clients.

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    Piquant offers a “one stop shopping” opportunity for businesses who need to coordinate media and message.

  • well-designed and search-optimized websites

  • website skills training for you and your employees

  • PowerPoint presentations for conferences and sales meetings

  • print publications customized for your business

  • brochures that present your business in the best light

  • speech writing for those important meetings and presentations

  • newsletters to keep your clients up to date on key offerings

  • corporate presence consultation and strategic planning

  • advertorials that apply creative zip to your message

  • Piquant Productions ensures that you reach your clients in a consistent, professional, persuasive manner.

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    To Contact Sue and James

    Through our Contact page on this website – click HERE

    By email: info(at)piquantproductions.ca

    (Please Note: This email link is not LIVE for a reason. Please type the address into your email “To” line if you choose this method. Posting email addresses on your website is how spammers find you. One of the many aspects of having a website that we monitor on your behalf.)

    By Phone: Metropolitan Toronto area: 416-435-7372. Canada and USA: 905-243-4836

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