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Susan Lynn Reynolds

began her career as a graphic designer working predominantly for the book publishing industry and the financial sector. After a stint as the Art Director of Harbourfront Corporation in Toronto, managing the signage and graphics for the site itself and the graphic presentation of over 400 arts-related programs, she returned to freelance design.

Having served on several Boards of Directors and run her own company most of her adult life she understands both the challenges of not-for-profits and small businesses.

She has developed her writing skills to complement her focus on graphic presentation over the past 15 years by not only producing a substantial list of ads, direct mail, articles, press releases, grant proposals and business plans, but also by writing poetry and fiction.

The key element of her success has been in transferring the discipline demanded by her award-winning fiction, non-fiction and poetry into a flair for making writing vivid and compelling.

James Dewar

developed a keen interest in the power of the written word at an early age. He honed his creative skills in university and taught English before joining the corporate financial services sector.

Over 20 years in successful management and retail promotion enhanced his abilities in such key areas as special projects development and sales campaign design, speech writing and event hosting. The experience he gained involved an extensive cross-section of businesses and non-profit organizations that refined his keen eye for identifying the essential elements for financial success. After leaving the corporate world he continued to hone his skills as a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers.

James is a published author who also enjoys being a popular host of events in the Toronto art scene. He brings a seasoned and clever approach to every aspect of business writing, advertising and promotion dynamics.

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